The Seaweed Detox Mask


Includes five Seaweed Detox Masks

This ocean-inspired face mask detoxes and resets your skin with a powerful seaweed clay blend.

  • Green Seaweed: Chlorella, a dark emerald green seaweed grown in the South China Sea, mimics a natural oxygen facial with properties that exfoliate and stimulate your skin.
  • Brown Seaweed: Ocean Kelp from Canada, brings a detoxing effect, toning and clearing out your pores for natural and painless extractions.
  • White Clay: Bentonite from one of the hottest places on Earth, Death Valley, California, absorbs oils and impurities off your skin and into the mask, leaving your skin fresh, soft, and smooth.

How to Apply

*This mask is designed to be used as a skin treatment.*

To activate the mask, add up to two teaspoons of water to the mask powder and mix. The mix will have a deep emerald color and a creamy, wet consistency. Apply to the skin and wait around fifteen to twenty minutes until the mask is mostly dried. The mask will feel cool when applied and will stimulate the skin and tighten as it dries. Rinse with water or your regular face wash. Discard any remaining mix. 

All natural, vegan, paraben-free, EU allergen-free, sulfate-free, alcohol-free, silicon-free, fungal acne safe, and cruelty-free.


White Clay, Green Seaweed, Brown Seaweed

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